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Этот 30-секундный рекламный ролик Made in China в эфире канала CNN с конца ноября 2009 года. Реклама была подготовлена при участии четырех китайских промышленных палат (Китайской Рекламной Ассоциации торговли; Китайской торговой палаты по импорту и экспорту машин и электронной продукции; Китайской торговой палатой по импорту и экспорту товаров легкой промышленности и искусств и Китайской торговой палатой по импорту и экспорту текстиля) и при поддержке Министерства коммерции Китая.

Это ролик представляет собой первую в истории Китая глобальную брендинговую кампанию в целях повышения авторитета бренда "Сделано в Китае". Лозунг ролика "Made in China, Made With the World". It attempts to highlight how Chinese and overseas firms work together to produce high-quality goods. Appearing in the ad are products used in daily life, including running shoes made with US sports technology, an iPod player with software from Silicon Valley, a French-designed fashion label and a European-designed refrigerator - all sporting the Made in China label. As such the ad is a clear attempt to link Made in China with Designed in the West and to illustrate China's capability and potential to manufacture quality products.

Before this advertisement, the global branding image of Made-in-China products was derived from individual companies such as Haier, Tsingtao, Huawei, or from Chinese companies investing capital overseas, such as Lenovo. The new theme of Made in China, made with the world, however, points to a whole new trend in the development of the Made-in-China brand. Yet this is only the start of the global reconfiguration of the Made-in-China brand.